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How to choose my pergola?

1. Define your need

Want to enjoy your outdoor space? Optimize its use? Are you hesitating between a garden arbor, awning, terrace awning, wrought iron barnum or pergola? To arrange your exterior by creating a shaded area, the pergola aluminum bioclimatic is the perfect structure. We can assign to a pergola various features. The main purpose is to protect you from the sun.

There are many possibilities to protect yourself from the sun, however the bioclimatic pergola RENSON appears to be the most complete, the most innovative and the most stylish. The big advantage is that you can customize it to your liking. In addition to protecting you from the sun, it can, depending on the options chosen, shelter you from the wind, rain and cold. You then transform your solar protection into a complete solution that will allow you to enjoy your space all year round!

2. Choice of model

From the Camargue model to the Algarve, RENSON offers us very comfortable aluminum structures that are truly designed for our well-being. If you want a robust pergola while having a maximum of options available, the Camargue will fit perfectly. Especially if you are considering an extension because the Camargue can be coupled and modified, even later.

To enjoy the starry sky of our beautiful summer nights, choose the Camargue Skye which offers all the advantages of the Camargue but is also equipped with a retractable roof. A true RENSON innovation, this bioclimatic pergola meets all your needs!

If you prefer an even more streamlined design, opt for the magnificent Algarve model . With its invisible fixings and its fine structure, it will fit perfectly in your garden or against your house.

If you are looking for a modular terrace shelter to protect you from the sun in summer, the Lagoon model is a good compromise between pergola and classic patio awning. More solid and robust than an awning, the Lagune model can be imagined with modular canvas walls.

In a “canvas pergola” style, the Lapure model offers a more minimalist design and allows you to enjoy the panorama thanks to its canvas which can be fully opened. A discreet and modular solution, this terrace shelter fits perfectly into your home!

3. Choice of options

Installed freestanding Or leaning against your facade , the RENSON bioclimatic pergolas offer hundreds of customization possibilities thanks to innovative options. With its adjustable blades , it allows optimal air circulation and creates a very pleasant breeze even in the heat. Conversely, in the event of bad weather, close the slats of your roof and stay sheltered! These blades are customizable with integrated LEDs for lighting. They are also available in glass to benefit from a beautiful luminosity even in "closed" mode.

Let yourself be convinced by original colours, have fun imagining design and contemporary associations by playing with textures and materials.

For the walls, modulate between the fix screen (large canvases with transparent opening possible), sliding glass doors, sliding doors with adjustable wooden or aluminum slats to enjoy your terrace all year round. Add bases that will guarantee your privacy. For the chilly, remember to order the heaters! Nothing will beat a musical aperitif under your pergola: equip it with Bluetooth speakers! Your MVA adviser will be able to tell you which are the best options to choose in relation to your desires!

Finally, stay connected by adding the “Connected home” option! Control and program your pergola from your smartphone! Take the opportunity to add your lights, your roller shutters, your gate or your boiler to your "connected home".

4. Choice of installer

A bioclimatic pergola is a very complete product that requires precise installation, to avoid any risks in the event of wind or bad weather. In addition, if it is incorrectly installed, it is highly likely to be damaged more quickly than expected, or even to break.
Sole partner of the RENSON brand for many years on the Côte d'Azur, we have perfectly mastered the installation of their pergolas. Our teams are regularly trained directly on the site of RENSON in Belgium, to be always at the forefront and follow the evolutions of the product.

The analysis of the technical feasibility is a very important step to check and/or plan the evacuation of water, the necessary adjustment of the ground level or the possibility of fixing a hanging system to your facade. Your advisor, who is trained to identify this type of problem, will come to your home to check these elements. Then, it is essential that a specialized quantity surveyor comes by to take the necessary measurements and carry out a technical analysis to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Take care to check before making your choice, the durability of the company, to be sure to benefit from the ten-year guarantees which commits your installer for 10 years. In addition, make sure that the chosen company has the valid RGE qualification. Ask for the procedure beforehand if you have a problem, so that a technician can come quickly to your home. Finally, evaluate the quality of the quote given to you. This must include several pages, with a well-detailed description of each element of the structure, the ten-year guarantee (insurance), and the RGE.

If among all these elements, several are missing, flee!

We offer you at MVA , a complete experience by providing you with a free estimate, carried out after a visit to your home by our adviser. Then, a quantity surveyor technician will come to ensure the technical feasibility of the project. Finally, our trained installation team will proceed with the installation, making sure to preserve your home. A technician will be able to move within 48 working hours in the event of a problem. So do not hesitate any longer and let yourself be inspired!

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